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6/30/21 Update: Good things in store

You might notice that the content here is incomplete. Check back here in September for a new and improved format of this course!

In the meantime, we’d love it if you listened to our two favorite episodes:

1-1 Ramen Noodles

Programming… is exactly like making a snack. (Really.) In this byte, we explain how and why this matters.

2-1 Computers aren’t demigods / On the existence of bias-free systems

This is a phenomenal interview with expert David Widder @davidthewid on the pitfalls of placing too much trust in AI (and computer systems in general.)



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About the authors

Ellie Young (@elliemyo) is an undergraduate researcher interested in making computers and computer science more inclusive. She’s currently looking for Ph.D. programs in usable privacy and security. If you run a lab and you think this podcast is cool, maybe shoot her a message?

Matt Lepinski is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at New College of Florida. Matt’s research specializes in cryptography and Internet security, but his favorite course to teach is New College’s introductory programming course.

Ellie handles most of the production work for Byte Size. Matt creates most of the supplementary materials.

Music composed and produced by Emma Solloway.